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Teacher Workshops

Join us for the 2015 teacher workshop. Innovative vaccines and infectious agents. When: 02/4/2015 from 5-30pm-8:30pm. Where: Seattle Biomed. Registration open now. Register here

With generous support from grants and individuals, Seattle BioMed offers educator workshops throughout the year.

Seattle BioMed completed its 2014 Infectious Inquiry evening workshop on 1/28/2014.  Offered jointly by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center and Seattle BioMed (with sponsorship support from the Amgen Foundation), this workshop featured our newest curriculum related to bioengineering. Please visit our Global Health Curriculum page to see the new curriculum!

Thank you to the dozens of teachers who attended our workshop, "Science in the Time of Cholera" where we presented engineered solutions to this deadly disease. Our workshop presentation can be downloaded here.

Seattle BioMed researcher works with students
Photo credit: Marc Weinburg


Need Classroom Resources?

You can find global health classroom resources on our curriculum page.