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BioQuest's Site Explorations, specialized half-day job shadows for an entire class of high school students, are the ideal way to illuminate the connection between classroom course work and rewarding 21st century science careers. During the school day, a class of up to 28 high school students visit Seattle BioMed for an introduction to global health, engage in a biosafety overview, partake in tours of our research laboratories, converse with Seattle BioMed scientists; and best of all, complete their day with a hands-on laboratory investigation in the BioQuest Discovery Lab. Please read the FAQs below to best prepare your students to step into science through BioQuest Site Explorations!

Contact if you would like to schedule a Site Exploration for the 2014-15 school year. With funding from the Amgen Foundation, priority scheduling is given to those teachers who attend the Infectious Inquiry Workshop on January 2015. Please scroll to the bottom of this PAGE to learn more about the workshop and to register.


Lab in use

Site Exploration FAQs & Answers:

Q. Are Seattle BioMed Site Explorations restricted to high school audiences?

A. Yes. Due to a variety of reasons, including capacity and State safety laws BioQuest is a program solely for high school classes. Without exception, we do not host middle school tours. 

Q. Talk to me about scheduling.

A. Seattle BioMed will host 4-5 schools per month over the 2014-15 school year. Site Explorations occur only on Wednesdays and Fridays - and will commence at 10AM. When you book your Site Exploration, we will optimize the duration of the experience to be 2 to 3 hours depending upon the age of your students and your desire to visit the B&MGF Visitor's Center after visiting us.

Q. What are class size limitations on Site Explorations.

A. Seattle BioMed donors co-sponsor all fieldtrips.  We request that educators bring at least 10 students and no more than 32 students.

Q. Do I need to bring a chaperone?

A. Yes. All tours need to bring at least two adult chaperones.

Q. What should I tell families and students about this experience to encourage the students to attend?

A. A visit to Seattle BioMed is a wholly different experience that attending a day of science class. This amped-up day of discovery incluides a visit to a bright and exciting lab facility in downtown Seattle, opportunities to talk with young investigators who conduct experiments that are designed to improve the health of people around the world and concludes with the chance to perform your own drug discovery lab in a Biosafety-Level II laboratory. Given the significant and worldwide concern regarding drug resistant tuberculosis, students will offer a  drug discovery for tuberculosis laboratory exercise for your students. If you have wanted to know what the day in the life of a scientist is, you have to come! 77% of students who visited last year said that it was very helpful to their understanding and appreciation of the content they learn in their school room classes.

Q. How will I get to Seattle BioMed.

A. Seattle BioMed is in downtown Seattle in the South Lake Union community  (click here for our location), at Westlake and Thomas. Seattle BioMed does not provide bus parking. We consistantly see much more street parking availability to the west of our building.

Q. How will my students eat?

A. We do not provide meals. Seattle BioMed is in downtown South Lake Union, with nearby cafes such as Jimmy Johns and Starbucks. 

Q. Seattle BioMed is an infectious disease research institute! What precautions are taken to reduce risks with our students?

A. All students under the age of 18 must have their parents complete a safety release form prior to visiting Seattle BioMed. Students must be accompanied by a chaperone and Seattle BioMed staff member during the duration of the Site Exploration. Students must adhere to the safety guideines and rules taught during the Site Exploration, including always wearing closed-toe showes during the visit.

A copy of the release form can be found HERE.

Q. I want to see more students, including my child, have this opportunity. What can I do?

A. Talk to your child's educator about the Site Exploration program!  Site Explorations are organized and led by educators and are sponspred by Seattle BioMed donors. The average cost of safely and engagingly hosting a student tour in the only dedicated education lab in the northwest is nearly $500 so please consider making a gift to the BioQuest program to ensure that schools can continue to visit Seattle BioMed at no cost.

Q. What if this is not what I am looking for?

A. Sorry, we do not keep a list of alternative field trip destinations. But there are some great links from for virtual touring!

  • A virtual tour of Illumina's CLIA lab
  • A virtual tour of the Huntsman Cancer Institute
  • And, a virtual tour of the Nutraceutical lab


Tested Global Health Websites

Know a student who is seeking tested global health Web sites? Send them to our links page.

Don't Forget Your Release Form

All students under the age of 18 must have signed release forms prior to entering Seattle BioMed laboratories. Download this form here.