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Global Health Curriculum

BioQuest quantitative and qualitative data from eight years of outreach experience clearly shows that teens are more excited about their classroom coursework when they learn how these subjects are essential to reducing the burden of global health. Through the combined talent and input of Seattle BioMed scientists, Washington teachers and animation experts, BioQuest is able to offer cutting edge and standards-relevant print and online curriculum resources freely at the specific curriculum website pages noted below:

Engineering content and practices are now a part of Washington State science standards. We invite you to check out our newest global health curricular offering related to bioengineered materials and global health here. If you attended our January 2014 Infectious Inquiry workshop, you can find the malaria breakout document here.

We invite you to explore the Washington Global Health Alliance Ambassadors global-health inspired lessons and resources developed by a learning partnership of teachers and scientists to target the learning goals of high school algebra, chemistry and history. Designed to for concurrent use in the three courses, this year-long curriculum has been proven to improve the learning outcomes of students. The Ambassadors Curriculum can be downloaded for free (be patient, it is a BIG file)!

Are you familair with our summmer immersion program, the BioQuest Academy, for high school juniors? All the curriculum for this biotech meets global health program can be found here. Click through all the units to see how we feature PCR, ELIZAs, Gel electrophoreisis in the context of global health!

Do you like to offer science with social studies? Try our social studies curriculum that gets kids exploring the United Nations Millennium Development Goals using the Gapminder interactive website and Trendanalyzer software! Chapters include:

Did you know that ~70% of infectious diseases come from animals (zoonoses)? It makes sense to check out lessons available from the Washington State Department of Agriculture(WSDA) to help your students get a better understanding of issues in food and feed safety. Local teachers and scientists from the Washington Global Health Alliance united to build and test these seven lessons, including two hands-on activities!

Our innovative programs have been recognized by the National Institutes of Health.

NIH K-12 Lab Challenge Award

Connecting Global Health with Society

Print a copy of the Washington Global Health Alliance Ambassadors Career Poster for your classroom today!