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BioQuest: Science Outreach at Seattle BioMed

Each of us has “defining moments”— the “eureka” moment where life comes into focus and a pathway becomes clear.

Seattle BioMed is discovering the solutions to devastating infectious diseases AND the future leaders in global health. Through BioQuest, thousands of Washington State secondary students are discovering exciting and biomedical and health pathways.

Step into science and discover the uniqueness of BioQuest.

  • Listen up high school Juniors! Seattle BioMed is taking applications for this summer's BioQuest Academy. Go to the BioQuest Academy website to learn more about this fun and transformative experience.
  • The BioQuest Academy experience is so good that we can no longer keep it to ourselves! Check out how a partnership with the Washington state Career and Technical Education is getting our resources and curriculum to students across the state! Learn more about the impact of the Academy here.
  • Seattle BioMed offers the only high school education outreach program in the country to be located within the footprint of an infectious disease research institute. Check out our FY13 Brag Sheet to learn how we supported learning and career development last year.
  • Local companies, philanthropies and individuals generously give to Seattle BioMed and ensure the sustainability of BioQuest. Visit the Seattle BioMed GIVE page to learn how your gift can change local lives and global health.

Dr. Sally with BQA 2013 students

Dr. Sally Lyons-Abbott mentors 2012 BioQuest Academy students in the BioQuest lab.

Invest in BioQuest Students

Get involved in the future of global health and the leaders on track to enhance it. Invest in BioQuest today!

Graduates Praise Seattle BioMed Impact

BioQuest graduates recognize the powerful influence of the BioQuest Academy on their future college and career aspirations in testimonials and through award nominations.